San Gabriel Surgery Center


San Gabriel Surgery Center LLC

Dr. Staebel performs all of his cosmetic surgery in-house at a fully accredited personal operating suite, San Gabriel Surgery Center.   Accreditation is through the AAAASF, a national accrediting body that inspects and accredits surgical centers in the United States.  We are accredited to provide any level of anesthesia for our outpatient surgeries.

The benefits of having surgery in an office-based OR suite are numerous.  Increased privacy, comfort, focused attention and convenience to name a few. The same friendly staff will guide you through your consultation, pre-op, day of surgery and aftercare.  Fewer faces to know! Our patients also get to avoid the hassles involved with surgery at a hospital.

No long check-ins, shared rooms with sick patients or surprise medical bills! Infection rates have also been shown to be significantly lower in accredited surgery centers. Another major benefit is cost. Because we only focus on delivering safe, cost-efficient cosmetic surgery, we are able to do so at a lesser price than hospitals and larger entities.