Laser hair removal is one of Georgetown Plastic Surgery’s most popular cosmetic procedures. Our highly-skilled team loves serving the greater Georgetown area, helping our neighbors to look and feel their absolute best.

How does laser hair removal work?

Hair removal lasers emit pulses of infrared energy to gradually heat hair follicles until they can no longer produce new hair. How long the laser procedure by Dr. Staebel will take depends on the treatment area. Treating the upper lip takes minutes, but treating large areas like your back or legs may take 40 minutes to an hour. Following the treatment, most patients are free of unwanted hair for several months and when the hair re-grows it is noticeably less.

What benefits can I expect from laser hair removal?

The specialized laser technology at Georgetown Plastic Surgery can be used on most parts of the body and effectively treats large areas including the back, bikini area, chest, face (especially the upper lip and chin), neck, and shoulders. You will see a notable difference after the first treatment.

Recovery and other considerations.

The treated area may be red and a bit swollen following the procedure, much like a mild sunburn. Most people are able to return to everyday activities right away. To completely remove the hair, Dr. Staebel will recommend a series treatments. For most patients, the hair does not return for many months or even years.

If you are ready to rid yourself of the tedious and endless routine of shaving, waxing and plucking, contact Georgetown Plastic Surgery for more information about laser hair removal. We will be happy to schedule you a consultation with Dr. Staebel.