Georgetown Plastic Surgery offers both temporary and permanent solutions to give you fuller lips and a more youthful appearance. Our highly-skilled cosmetic team loves serving the greater Georgetown area, helping our neighbors to look and feel their absolute best.

How does lip augmentation work?

Today, injectable dermal fillers are the most commonly used method of lip augmentation. Several types of dermal fillers are available but the most common filler for use in and around the mouth contain hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body.

After carefully considering the areas to be treated, Dr. Staebel will apply the filler to your lips. The amount of filler used is carefully controlled to ensure the right volume is achieved and the results appear natural.

What benefits can I expect from lip augmentation?

If you are tired of your thin lips and would like a pair that is softer and more kissable, then you should contact Georgetown Plastic Surgery about lip augmentation. We can give you a sexy, natural-looking pout in just one treatment. Results are immediate and appear very natural!

Recovery and other considerations.

Lip augmentation with fillers is an office-based procedure generally accomplished in minutes with very little disruption to your busy schedule. The effects typically last about six months, at which time you can get more treatments to keep your lips at just the right volume.

Dr. Staebel has many years of experience using cosmetic fillers to successfully improve the contours of thin lips. Contact us today at Georgetown Plastic Surgery, for more information and to schedule a consultation. Call us at 512-686-1650.