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Many of our patients have been kind enough to share their positive experience with the Georgetown Plastic Surgery team of doctors, medical assistants, and office staff. These social media posts will give you an idea of the high levels of patient satisfaction we enjoy and the incredible results we have been able to achieve for our patients.

Okay, here it is: Dr. Staebel and his staff are AWESOME. A friend of mine had her lower body lift with him and was THRILLED with the results, so when I began to seriously consider a breast reduction/lift, I asked her for a referral. There must have been angels around me ever since because I’ve been completely impressed. I started with a “mini” non-surgical facelift (Voluma, Botox, and Rejuvex) and could not have been happier. I look like myself, but rested and completely natural.

I moved forward with the breast reduction/lift and am so grateful for Dr. Staebel! Not only did his staff help obtain insurance coverage for the procedure, but his keen eye for detail, absolute professionalism, comfortable sense of humor, and sincere patient interaction placed him head and shoulders above any other surgeon I’ve ever encountered — and there have been a few.

After a lifetime of coping with 32G sized breasts, I was raady for the surgery, but I had so many questions. But at every turn, I knew I could count on Dr. Staebel to help me decide what my new size breasts should be, given my overall body size (petite). He recommended and I agreed on a 32C which, as it turns out, is PERFECT! His sense of perfection and knowledge base is truly extraordinary, and I have never felt safer placing the big decisions in anyone’s hands, knowing that I’d be living the result for the rest of my life. I’ve said it 100 times already, and I’m sure I will say it even more in the future, but Dr. Staebel is GENIUS and a truly nice guy!!!! Only problem now is getting over the urge to “flash” them whenever I think about how perfect they are … because that is how he made them!!!!

— Karen L. 11/3/2014

If you’re looking for an awesome botox/injection gal, Heather is it!
I have been going to her for years and she always takes great care of me! The whole staff is awesome!
Heather will be straight up with you and tell you what you need or don’t need. I have referred several of my friends and clients to Heather and they are all happy and love their long lasting results. They all are now faithful clients of Heather.
The office is always clean and the gals are so friendly and welcoming! They always work with my schedule and work me in when I need it!

— Melanie B. 5/23/2014

My first visit to Georgetown Plastic Surgery was in 2006. I was new in town and wanted to find someone local for Botox injections. Fast forward to 2014. I have had several cosmetic surgeries (the latest done just a few months ago) by Dr. Craig Staebel with amazing and very natural results. Dr. Staebel has an approachable demeanor and he took the time to address each and every one of my concerns. If, in the future, I decide on another cosmetic surgery, Dr. Staebel will be the one performing the surgery.

Heather Farnsworth does all of my Botox and filler injections. Her skill is unsurpassed and she has the incredible ability to achieve beautiful aesthetic results. I have moved from Georgetown and because of Heather’s expertise, I drive 9 hours to see her for my “touch ups.”

The office staff at Georgetown Plastic Surgery is professional, efficient and caring. They make me feel welcome as soon as I walk through their office door.

For those considering a cosmetic surgery or procedure, I highly recommend a visit to Georgetown Plastic Surgery.

— Ferdi S 3/20/2014

Love these guys!!! I discovered Heather for Botox after I moved from Austin to Dallas. She was recommended to me by a friend. She does such a great job and they always accommodate my scheduled when I call at the last minute to say that I am driving in from Dallas. I make the extra effort to go to Georgetown Plastic Surgery and Heather because she is very meticulous with her technique. The office staff is so nice and they always get me in and out quickly without a wait. 5 stars!!!!!

— Cory H.  10/28/2013

I have had several facial treatments, plus my breast augmentation/lipo done through Georgetown Plastic Surgery. I couldn’t be happier!! Why did I wait so long! The office staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Staebel is very thorough, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I was worried about choosing the right size implant and he talked me through the process and I am very happy with my decision and the results. I have had friends that went other places that felt pressured to go bigger or add on other treatments. Everything went smoothly and just as Dr. Staebel explained it. Heather is also amazing with botox and laser treatments as well. She is a great resource for beauty/skin secrets too. Many of my friends have no idea that I do a little “upkeep”, which is the way you want it!

— Beth B.  9/08/2013

Wow! I feel so much better following my breast reduction surgery with Dr. Staebel. He is a terrific listener and skilled surgeon. I’m very happy and am telling everyone I know about the great service and care at Georgetown Plastic Surgery.

— Sherri Grant  7/25/2013

I work in the medical field and when I moved to Round Rock from California I was questioning my doctors and colleagues about where to go for Botox. If you don’t already know injecting Botox is an art. Everyone I know and many people I didn’t personally know go to Heather at georgetown plastic surgery. Her technique is unparalleled. The office is very nice and everyone has always been very professional. I had to leave this review for others who are on the search, like I was. I would never go anywhere else.

— Krystal S. 9/4/2013

Your dedication to getting things done right and attentiveness to my needs really shows how much you care.  Thank you for treating me with such respect.  I want you all to know how much this surgery is already changing my life for the better!!  Dr. Staebel ROCKS!

–Z.D. 1/8/2008

I am writing this testimony to Dr. Staebel.  This is difficult to put into words; the change my mini facelift has made in my life.  I was very depressed with the way I was looking.  I am sixty-eight years old and that many years had left me looking old and tired.  It was especially difficult when I wanted to dress-up for a special occasion.

At first, the thought about a mini facelift was just a seed.  It seemed so radical and totally out of character for me to even consider.  Then I visited with a plastic surgeon in Round Rock; but was not happy with the information I was given.  I dropped the idea as something I could not do; but the seed remained.  That idea remained on the back burner for months; until an article came out about you in Georgetown Magazine.  I was so impressed with what the article said about you and what was said in the article.  I started doing my homework and liked all the information available on you and your procedure.

You were in my price range if I could get the courage to have the procedure done in the office.  That was a big “IF” for me because I am such a big baby about even a shot.  That’s where your office staff stepped in to be so supportive.  After much soul searching, visits with you and your staff the decision was made and I am so happy.

My life has changed completely; my confidence is back in spades.  You have turned my life around with this surgery.  I don’t know why it took me so long to make this decision.  At sixy-eight, I don’t know how many years I have left on this earth, but now I am living them to the fullest thanks all to you, Dr. Staebel.

–Mary P.  11/2/2011

I felt good about myself on the inside; you just made the outside equal my inside.  The rest of my life I plan to enjoy to the fullest thanks to all of you.

Totally grateful,

Dana B.  7/29/2011

A special thank you for the outstanding surgery done by your gifted hands and for the compassion and kindness in the treatment I received.


M.S.  10/12/2011

Thank you all for making me feel so comfortable during my consultation visit.  I feel blessed to have been directed in your path.


Cindy R.  2/29/2008

Well, it’s been almost two years since my surgery and I’m loving my new “enhanced” ears!!  Thank you for taking such great care of me before and after surgery.  I had a wonderful experience.  I’m happy with the results and hopefully I will get to come back soon for my next procedure!!

–Sonya L.   1/17/2009

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