How does Microblading work?

  For those of you that want to fill in thin brows or add structure or more of an arch, this procedure is perfect for you!  It’s a semi-permanent tattoo in the brow that is applied by hand with a special microblading pen to mimic natural eyebrow hair.


Professional Staff

  Our professional eyebrow expert, Vicki, will provide you with the exact dimensions before she starts so that you are completely satisfied. Then you will be given a topical numbing cream before it starts to minimize discomfort.  This is a very meticulous procedure and may take up to 2 hours so be ready to relax and not feel rushed once it starts.

How long do I wait to see results?

  There is no downtime so feel free to start taking those selfies right away! After about 4-6 weeks you’ll need to come in for a touch up but after that they can last up to three years.

Georgetown Plastic Surgery

  The professionals at Georgetown Plastic Surgery are very skilled in the microblading technique. We take pride in providing quality patient care while educating them on the many procedures we provide. We have an excellent safety record to go along with the stunning results. Call 512-686-1650 and schedule a consultation with our team today!